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Friday, December 18th

Reflection of ONL 202 For this blog post I want to reflect upon the last ten weeks, for which I have been a part of the Open Networked Learning course and I want to reflect my experiences with the help of guiding questions that have been provided by the ONL facilitators.   In old “FISh”-traditionContinue reading “Friday, December 18th”

Monday, December 14th

For this blog post’s topic, I didn’t have to think for a long time. When we discussed a change in teacher-student roles, I immediately thought about the concept of critical pedagogy. A concept which emphasizes how closely related social justice and democracy are to practices of learning and teaching. It was crucially influenced by theContinue reading “Monday, December 14th”

Wednesday, November 18th

During Topic 3 „Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning“ we discussed our experiences within the learning community that we are a part of currently. The question that was still on my mind when the topic was finalized: How can I create a successful, supportive and meaningful online learning community that gives learners the opportunityContinue reading “Wednesday, November 18th”

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